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It is a WAR in Greece


I read a news report on anti-government protests in debt-stricken Greece that have turned violent.

Demonstrators clashed with police forces after tear gas was used to disperse protesters. People in central Athens are protesting against new austerity measures to aid the economy.

It is a disgrace. It is a war.


It is in fact war all over the world – an economic war; the whole world divided and conquered by: Money.

In Greece the situation can be compared to children revolting against their parents, having had enough of the parents’ repressing education tactics; yet, having been educated with repressing methods, they do not know better than simply rage against the machine that is the state – the parent, that instead of supporting its children, is seeking to take from some to give to others because, alas, the state too is dependent upon one thing: Money.

The problem is that a solution is sought within the bounds of the current money-system.

The current money-system cannot ‘afford’ a solution; it is a closed system that is based in polarity, and thus apparently money has to be scarce and people have to struggle.

In times where the world is a global village and global access is possible on most routes, it would be wise for us people to start finding ways to become our own custodians – a holistic approach to the whole problem. Instead of ‘one for all’ and ‘all for one’  – how about All for All!

If we would only stop for a moment – and realize the road we have taken is leading to self-destruction: For some to be winners, there has to be losers, and the losers pay with their lives. And even the winners… How much fun can anyone have in a world falling apart and the human psyche so close to despair?

Granted, it will awfully difficult for many to let go of ‘power’, ‘status’, ego. Yet more and more start realizing that a total transformation of our systems is required. Within this, there is only one solution: a NEW solution, a new paradigm, a paradigm that will finally reinstate the value of life and build systems based on the value of life – systems based on and supporting equality of LIFE.

Money today is debt. Debt is the cause for death. Cause and effect is equal and one.

The effect is perhaps witnessed miles away, yet the fact that we do not see the people that suffer and starve with our naked eye should not be used as a reason to deny what is here. Technology has been demonized by some, but one thing (at least) that undeniably supports the evolution of man(to-be)kind is that it has brought the world to our doorstep; it has illuminated the dark parts of society that have long been ‘hidden’ from the eyes of the world because hey, they too have supported the current money-system, the current power-game, through their mere existence: underworld, child-labor, human trafficking, weapons smuggling – the true face of the human race is ‘finally’ visible. The end times?

The riots in Greece as well as the Arab Spring are clearly demonstrating that it’s THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

And even though for some this may be music to their ears – we can’t just sit back. The ‘news’ beg the question: Where do we go from here?

Will man find dignity?

The question should read: Will man take back his dignity? Will man rectify the ‘lost soul’ that is the spirit of life – common in All, beyond culture, race, religion, form.

To let go of the things that separate us, it is vital to understand the things that bind us. One is money, just like the air that we breathe. Just like we’d like to stop air pollution, we should stand up strong to stop the pollution of life through money and power-games. A new world is possible with equal money for all – beyond polarity, debt and energy crises.